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    UE News
    UE training activities help the doctors to improve airway management skills
    / Nov.
    UE Medical Remote Medical technology helps to improve airway management
    / Oct.
    Us-togEther: Words from partners!
    / Oct.
    UE 11th Annual Meeting --Complete version
    / Sep.
    Customer Testimonials
    First time i used uescope rigid video stylet i knew uescope is better, becauase its rigid, doesnt bend, better shape for intubation and the quality feels more durable.
    Doc. Tapang
    We had positive comments on the Videolaringo mask, the quality is good (we used in some difficult patients and for a 3h surgery procedure,.... Perfect). Also good comment on the UED line. We are very optimistic, we will have very good results together!!!
    Giulio Orecchia
    As for UED-D clinical experience, I performed awake intubations under local anesthesia in 3 patients with suspected difficult intubation because of laryngeal tumor. It worked very well. The quality of picture was very good and shape of blade allowed for atraumatic intubation in awake mode.
    Dr. Tomasz Gaszynski, President of Polish Airway Management Society
    During an air workshop in Ecuador,I had the opportunity to work throughout the day with an UE video laryngoscope. It was very comfortable and light, with an excellent vision and different sizes of shovels.
    Lilianna Ciuffreda, President of the Uruguayan Society of Airways
    Regarding the angle There is a concept in medicine design. If something works do not modify it. I like the angle of your blade. It works. Do not change it.
    Dr. Pedro Acha
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